2 wheels are better than 4

I couldn’t face the sweltering heat in my little Nissan Micra today. I went to my shed. dusted off my bike and set off for my day. My tyres looked a little flat and I couldn’t find my pump so with my fingers crossed I set off hoping to make it to work before they went down completely. I wouldn’t recommend this approach to any one. I became a little concerned on my journey so I made a pit stop at the high street to purchase a pump, 10 minutes later with pumped up tyres I set off.

It was only a short journey but so invigorating. The sun on my shoulders, a gentle breeze in my hair and the feeling that I was burning extra calories that I hadn’t planned. The route seemed so different by bike, I noticed things that I would normally whizz past in my car, obviously staying within the speed limit!

I’ll be using my bike again tomorrow and while the weather is nice.

If you go out on your bike remember to wear a cycle helmet and take a drink with you.

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