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Training Partner

I am proud to say that today I not only trained really hard but the greatest bit was who I trained with. My 16 year old son. A lot of teenagers don’t talk to their parents never mind do anything

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As the summer approaches we start to make promises to ourselves to eat healthier and take regular exercise. We arrange to meet our friends for an evening power walk, we walk to the gym instead of taking the car. We

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I woke today to extremely stiff legs. I eventually got out of bed, fortunately we are not in a rush this morning because it took me 10 minutes. I’m sure my Great-Grandad doesn’t take this long. The reason for the

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Who would have thought that picking up a bottle of perfume would cause so much pain? Last week, dressed for work but looking like a boy I decided to squirt myself to let the public know I am a female.

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Swiss Ball

Before performing my circus tricks on the Swiss ball I warmed up on the rowing machine. This started off as a 10 minute warm up but I enjoyed it so much I carried on. I set the rowing machine up

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Eating Out

I’ve worked hard, trained hard and eaten well so I thought I would eat out. I don’t see it as a treat because in some way that would make it a forbidden choice and we don’t want those thoughts in

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Why not try….

Physalis This sweet and tangy fruit can be eaten on it’s own or used to decorate desserts. Be careful not to over indulge as they are 45 calories each.

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It’s that time of the month again. Stomache cramps, food cravings and moodswings. Some of you may suffer from one of these symptoms and some of you may be unfortunate enough to encounter two or more. For me, the best

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Quick snack

Why is it that when you have the munchies there are so many adverts on the television about junk food? I resisted the temptation and made myself a healthy snack. For details visit my Recipe Page.

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Sunday Morning Workout

There is something invigorating about going to the gym early in the morning. The birds are singing and the morning air smells clear and fresh, unless you have driven of course and then you’ll be subject to your usual car

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