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Snack time

It’s around 11am that I start to get the munchies so I make sure I am prepared. My mid-morning snack consists of an apple and a mixture of seeds and nuts. Having this prepared and with me stops me from

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Watch your portion size

We hear it all of the time, “watch your portion sizes”. These can be measured by cup size or even by the palm of your hand. Whilst walking around Covent garden I saw a lady preparing lunch…….I really hope this

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Brunch in Covent Garden

No work today so instead of laying in bed we set our alarm for the usual time and drove to London.  We arrived to glorious sunshine, crowds of people and a rumbly tummy as we had missed breakfast due to

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Bye-bye Bingo Wings

You stand at the door to wave your visitors goodbye and then you feel it…..the flapping of flesh at the top of your arms. Commonly known as Bingo Wings.   Exercises to tone your triceps can be easily fitted in

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5k Doughnut Dash

Whilst looking for an event to enter I stumbled across something totally different. I have participated in runs of various distances including half and full marathons, I have even dressed as a gorilla for a 10k. The usual offerings on

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2 wheels are better than 4

I couldn’t face the sweltering heat in my little Nissan Micra today. I went to my shed. dusted off my bike and set off for my day. My tyres looked a little flat and I couldn’t find my pump so

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What is your favourite playlist for training? Do you have a favourite band or artist that pushes you through your training session? Email or leave a comment and share your tunes with me.

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A Break from the heat.

At last, a break from the heat. I’m not complaining but I was getting a bit fed up with waking to damp sheets. The confused look on my face wondering if I had wet the bed was becoming too much.

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Still squating?

Day 17 and 150 squats! Is it working, does my derrière look any better? I’m not sure but I can safely say I’ve never checked out my butt in the mirror so much! I’ll continue until day 30 and let

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Listen to your body

I decided to refresh my training. Every now and again I like to try something different, even if its just using a different setting on the cross trainer. So last week I incorporated some rowing into my training sessions. The

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