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Are you feeling fruity?

Are you firm like an apple, soft like a peach, sweet as a strawberry or as bitter as a lemon? What ever your preference may be there is a fruit out there for everyone. Eat it on the go, chopped

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Are you bored?

What’s in your salad? Ice-burg lettuce, cucumber and gardeners delight tomatoes. I like to brighten my salads with different varieties of cucumber and tomatoes. I like my food to look appetising so the more colour I can introduce to my

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Time to relax

If you are looking for a caffeine free drink to help you relax try a cup of soothing Camomile & Honey tea. At only 4 calories per cup it is a healthy and refreshing drink. Camomile can help elevate the symptoms

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Often we buy kitchen gadgets that are used for a while and then boxed up and sent to the loft or if they are lucky off to a boot sale. My latest gadget and one that I will use religiously

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Do your colours run?

Are you fed up with your boring old trainers? Are you looking for something a little brighter than your last pair? I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the shelves of this shop, every colour imaginable available in every

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Are you a dunker?

Whether you are at home or at work its always lovely to stop working and put the kettle on. Tea, milk no sugar, perfect. What better way to enjoy that cup of tea than with a biscuit to dunk. One

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Slimming products….?

Recently I have had my inbox flooded with emails from a company promoting a slimming product. It begins with telling me that the world is designed for slim people and that being overweight could affect their life. We all know

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Man, woman or horse?

Have you ever heard the saying Horses sweat, men perspire and women glow? Well I must be a horse! After 45 minutes of cardio I went to an area at the gym to perform various exercises including squats, lunges and

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Am I really overweight?

I stand at a great height of 4′ 11″ and weigh 8st 2lbs, I wear a UK size 8 and I feel fit, healthy and extremely comfortable. I train regularly throughout the week and I watch what I eat. Fried

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Marathon Running

26.2 miles and months of dedicated training. The blisters and aches and pains, running in all weather conditions. Why do we do it? This is a question I asked myself not just once but four times. My love for running

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