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The small and mighty Anchovy

Anchovies may be a small oily fish but they pack in plenty of essential fatty acids, protein and other essential nutrients. They are rich inĀ Omega-3 fatty acids which are healthy unsaturated fats that lower inflammation and reduce the risk of

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The multipurpose cucumber

There are many uses for a cucumber, some of which I have not listed. We slice it and add it to our salad for colour and texture but do you know the health benefits this piece of fruit provides? (it

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Cocoa Pasta

Tagliatelle, Lasagne and Spaghetti are just a few varieties of pasta. The types of dishes you can create are endless, meat and vegetarian dishes, hot and cold the choice is yours. My favourite brand of Penne pasta provides 270kcal per

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I overheard two ladies talking the other day. One was feeling a little bit down about her self, she had exercised and eaten well all week but didn’t feel any different. She was expecting people to notice a difference. Her

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Emotional Eating

Before you put that biscuit, cake or snack bar in your mouth ask yourself, “Am I really hungry, do I really want this?” A lot of people eat for the wrong reasons, they mistake their emotions for hunger. Some of

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Does size really matter?

Small, medium or large? What would be your choice?   I’m talking refreshments! What were you thinking?   After hours of shopping I needed refreshing drink so I headed towards my nearest and favourite coffee shop. It was too hot

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