5k Doughnut Dash

Whilst looking for an event to enter I stumbled across something totally different. I have participated in runs of various distances including half and full marathons, I have even dressed as a gorilla for a 10k. The usual offerings on route are water occasionally a wet sponge but I’ve never been offered doughnuts!!

Colchester in Essex host an event that has something different to offer….Doughnuts.

At each kilometre mark you are given a doughnut, the idea is you stand at that marker and eat the doughnut, you are then given a sticker to put onto your race number then you proceed to the next km station. If you complete the 5km with 5 stickers on your race number proving that you have eaten all 5 doughnuts you receive a medal. You do not have to eat all five doughnuts but without the stickers you will not receive a medal.

This event is scheduled for the 15th September 2013, for information contact              doughnutdash@hotmail.co.uk


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