I first started to exercise after losing weight following a healthy eating plan. This was back in 2003 and it is still working for me because I am still working at it. I did not want a quick fix diet to fit into my bikini or special dress for the Christmas party, I made healthy choices so I would never have to diet again.

My first event was a 10k in Hyde Park, London, I trained and ran with my best friend. We noticed the change in our fitness level and also our body shapes. The waist I had lost due to having two babies started to appear again, clothes started to feel loose and running up and down the stairs after my children wasn’t such an effort.

Aerobic Class

Months went by, the weight came off and the events became more frequent and longer.

After training for and completing many events including 5 Great North Runs and 4 London Marathons I wanted to take my love of exercising to another level. I wanted to encourage other people to get up and get involved. In 2011 I qualified as an Aerobics Instructor, shortly after qualifying I started my own classes.

I am not a qualified dietician and therefore any food suggestions or recipes that I post will not contain nutritional information. They are there to inspire you to make healthy choices and to introduce you to foods you may not have tried.

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