Am I really overweight?

I stand at a great height of 4′ 11″ and weigh 8st 2lbs, I wear a UK size 8 and I feel fit, healthy and extremely comfortable. I train regularly throughout the week and I watch what I eat. Fried food is a no-go, snacks are healthy and I always have my 5 a-day. I’m not a saint 100% of the time as I do enjoy the occasional takeaway.

Whilst browsing the internet I came across a website offering advice on exercise and loosing weight. I noticed a section that you could check your BMI so being the curious sort of person I am I entered my information. My height and weight gave me a BMI of 23.8. A healthy range for me is 18.5-25. It was then suggested that although I fell into the healthy range I could still lose 1st 11lbs and remain healthy.

Having previously trained for 3 consecutive years for marathons and lost weight in the process I looked incredibly ill. My chest was boney and my face was gaunt but hey I would probably have had a BMI of 23.

I’m always concerned that if someone is feeling a bit insecure about their weight and reads this information it could do more harm than good.

If you are in any doubt about your health please consult your GP.  

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