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Eating Out

I’ve worked hard, trained hard and eaten well so I thought I would eat out. I don’t see it as a treat because in some way that would make it a forbidden choice and we don’t want those thoughts in

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Why not try….

Physalis This sweet and tangy fruit can be eaten on it’s own or used to decorate desserts. Be careful not to over indulge as they are 45 calories each.

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Quick snack

Why is it that when you have the munchies there are so many adverts on the television about junk food? I resisted the temptation and made myself a healthy snack. For details visit my Recipe Page.

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French Toast

Disaster struck this morning when I opened my fridge… milk! No milk means no branflakes. So maybe it was time to be a little adventurous with my breakfast. Nearly every morning I have branflakes topped with prunes and a yogurt

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