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New Year, new you.

If you have any injuries please check with your GP before commencing any new exercise programme.   It’s almost that time of year again when quiet gyms are taken over with new members, keen to shed the mince pies from

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London to Brighton bike ride 2014

  It’s that time of year again, we may have joined a gym in January and are starting to show signs that we are losing interest. How do we get it back? Or are we simply looking for a challenge.

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5k Doughnut Dash

Whilst looking for an event to enter I stumbled across something totally different. I have participated in runs of various distances including half and full marathons, I have even dressed as a gorilla for a 10k. The usual offerings on

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2 wheels are better than 4

I couldn’t face the sweltering heat in my little Nissan Micra today. I went to my shed. dusted off my bike and set off for my day. My tyres looked a little flat and I couldn’t find my pump so

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I Love It!!!

What is it that I love you may be wondering?  For those of you that know me you’ll know the answer, for those of you that don’t  its Exercising. Running, cycling, working out in the gym, I just love it.

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Squat Challenge

My daughter sent a link to me,  a 30 day squat challenge and being the sort of person that loves a challenge I decided to do it. For anyone out there that fancies giving it a try this is your

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Swiss Ball

Before performing my circus tricks on the Swiss ball I warmed up on the rowing machine. This started off as a 10 minute warm up but I enjoyed it so much I carried on. I set the rowing machine up

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Sunday Morning Workout

There is something invigorating about going to the gym early in the morning. The birds are singing and the morning air smells clear and fresh, unless you have driven of course and then you’ll be subject to your usual car

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Hula Hooping

I had every intention of going to the gym after I had cut the grass. While in the shed dodging big hairyspiders I saw my Hula Hoop. My friend introduced me to hooping last year but due to moving home

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Todays workout- arms.

You would have thought 4 hours spent in the garden cutting the grass, cutting back trees and fighting with blackberry bushes would have been enough of a workout today. Just cutting the grass I would have burned approximately 151 calories.

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