I woke today to extremely stiff legs. I eventually got out of bed, fortunately we are not in a rush this morning because it took me 10 minutes. I’m sure my Great-Grandad doesn’t take this long.
The reason for the awkward walk and quiet grunts with every step is DOMS.
The desire on Sunday during my workout for a toned butt has come back to bite me on the very butt I was working. A combination of burpees and jumping squats to tone my legs and buttocks have clearly had an impact on my body.
What is DOMS? You may be wondering. DOMS stands for Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness and is also known as Muscle Fever. Several hours, sometimes days after strenuous exercise you may feel pain and the muscles may feel stiff.
I haven’t experienced DOMS since my last London Marathon, to alleviate the pain then I had a massage and warm baths.
I’m just going to hobble down to my local supermarket for a large bottle of bubble bath.

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