Don’t wait for Monday, do it today.


Summer 2015 was unlike any summer I’ve had before. I spent June, July, August and September suffering with Chronic Sinusitis. On top of that my iron levels were so low I was struggling to stay awake during the day. As a result of this I was unable to train, my gym sessions plummeted from six days a week to zero. I felt so poorly and exhausted I couldn’t do anything about it.

As a result of my reduced activity my waist line has increased a little and I am a few pounds heavier than I want to be. This is having a negative effect on my arthritic hip.

I am taking iron tablets prescribed by my GP and my sinusitis is starting to clear which will now enable me to start my training again. It’s been 18 weeks since I’ve trained properly, I’ve had a few attempts but have suffered afterwards, now I feel ready to slip back into my Lycra, lace up my trainers and get back to the gym.

I don’t expect my sessions to be as good as before and I’m not expecting my pounds to fall off over night, I’ve been away from my physical activity for quite a while so I’m realistic in thinking it’ll take me quite a while to achieve what I’m aiming for.

The main thing is to stay focused and not give up, I won’t be putting any unnecessary pressure on myself, also something I hear so many times is “I’ll start again on Monday” why wait until Monday? do it today!

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