Eating Out

I’ve worked hard, trained hard and eaten well so I thought I would eat out. I don’t see it as a treat because in some way that would make it a forbidden choice and we don’t want those thoughts in our healthy lifestyle. Remember we are not on or off a diet.
So the chosen dish was Pizza. The next thing to decide was where to go. Am I allowed to mention their name? I’m not sure so see if you can figure out where we went.
I wouldn’t eat Pizza in a shed, if I were eating Pizza I wouldn’t lay it side by side matching the numbers BUT if I were to have my Pizza delivered I bet it would be a fast service!!
My chosen pizza was the Polla ad Astra Leggera. This is a thin and crispy base with a hole cut from the centre of the pizza which is then filled with rocket salad and tomatoes. A delicious and healthy choice as this pizza is under 500 calories. By skipping dessert and having coffee at home I saved pounds on my thighs and pounds from my purse too.


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