Side Plank

This exercise may not be suitable for pregnant women or those suffering from lower back problems. If you are unsure about your ability to try this exercise you should consult your GP prior to commencing.

Start by laying on your side. Support yourself keeping your elbow in line with your shoulder, ensure your hips are in line with each other and that your top hip hasn’t rolled forward. Rest your top leg on your bottom leg.

Starting position for Side plank

Lift your body so that your hips are off the floor and you are supported by your forearm and your lower foot. Check that your hips have not rolled forward. Hold for 30 seconds to begin with and gradually increase the time as your strength improves. Lower and repeat on the opposite side.


If performed correctly over time this exercise can strengthen the shoulder girdle, wrists and elbow joints, increase abdominal strength and help to firm and tone the body.



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