Have you tried Herbalife?

We all have those days when we are in a rush in the morning and so skip breakfast,  we are too busy to stop for lunch or perhaps we have to work late at the office. That’s when you need a tub of Formula 1 Shake. Each serving is full of essential nutrients, it’s high in protein and calorie controlled providing 220kcal.

I have had another busy day so I’ll be having a Herbalife vanilla shake for my dinner.

These shakes can be used as a Weight Loss programme or for balanced daily nutrition.


Herbalife have a range of products to suit your personal needs. These range from Formula 1 Shakes, Formula 1 Express Bars, Herbal Beverages, Protein Snack Bars and a range of Sport, Energy and Fitness products.


For further information regarding any of the products from Herbalife send an email to bounce24@me.com



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