I Love It!!!

What is it that I love you may be wondering?  For those of you that know me you’ll know the answer, for those of you that don’t  its Exercising. Running, cycling, working out in the gym, I just love it. The one other thing that I love to do is motivate and encourage others to exercise. Last week I trained with my son and today it was my daughters turn.

We woke early, 9:30 on a sunday morning is early for my daughter. We walked to our local sports centre in the glorious sunshine and went swimming. It was fantastic, the pool wasn’t very busy so that meant we could swim our lengths without the need to dodge people.

Swimming is a fantastic exercise, if you can forget the unpleasant feeling of the cold water when you first get in its a great all over body workout. Its not a weight bearing exercise so it is gentle on your joints. With every kick, push, and pull you will be giving your body a total  workout. This will include  your core, hips, arms, shoulders, and glutes. This results in burning calories and building lean muscle.

If you have any injuries please check with your GP before commencing any exercise. 

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