London to Brighton bike ride 2014


It’s that time of year again, we may have joined a gym in January and are starting to show signs that we are losing interest. How do we get it back? Or are we simply looking for a challenge.

I like to enter an event, it gives me something to focus on, a purpose to train.

So I’ve decided to enter the London to Brighton bike ride again. I have completed this event once before and thoroughly enjoyed it. What time did I complete it in? I don’t know and for me this event isn’t about time. It’s such a great event, hundreds of people all ages, shapes and sizes on bikes equally varying in appearance all making their way to Brighton like a colourful snake winding through country lanes and attempting that infamous hill. Will they make it to the top this year on their pedals or walking?

Have a look at  for further details about this event.

Remember to check with your GP prior to entering this event if you have any concerns regarding your health or fitness.

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