Marathon Running

26.2 miles and months of dedicated training. The blisters and aches and pains, running in all weather conditions. Why do we do it? This is a question I asked myself not just once but four times.

My love for running started with a 10k in London with my best friend. Shortly after that we ran our first half marathon, The Great North Run held in Newcastle, England. The atmosphere was euphoric! The support from the crowds that lined the streets, the sense of camaraderie from the 50,000 runners that surrounded us was truly amazing. We crossed the finish line with a smile that stretched across our faces and it was then that I knew I would run a marathon.

The following year I was on the start line, my race number pinned to my top and butterflies in my tummy. Every year it is televised and people sit at home and say “I’d love to do it”. What’s stopping you? If you train sensibly and set yourself a realistic goal you can achieve it.

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If you have any injuries or are unsure if you should participate in any event check with your GP before commencing.       

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