New Year, new you.

If you have any injuries please check with your GP before commencing any new exercise programme.


It’s almost that time of year again when quiet gyms are taken over with new members, keen to shed the mince pies from their thighs in preparation for the summer that seems a long way off but will creep up on us very quickly.

Some of us will have received fitness gadgets that will encourage us to be more active, walk more and eat less. We’ll be counting steps and calories like an insomniac counts sheep.

I along with my two children received fitness related gadgets for christmas. My daughter is the proud owner of a Jawbone UP24, this counts steps, tracks calories, food consumption and sleep. It will give you a gentle nudge via a vibration on the wrist to remind you to get up and move if you have been inactive for a certain amount of time.  My son received a Speedo waterproof MP3 player to wear when he swims along with a Speedo watch that counts laps, calories, distance, strokes per lap, speed and time, I also now have the watch which takes away the worry of counting laps.

I wonder what you will be doing in the new year to get fit or stay fit?

A gym membership, a new bike, a course of yoga classes or perhaps you’ll start to walk to work instead of taking the bus, if thats too far maybe you could use the stairs instead of the lift.

Whatever little changes you make it”ll be changes for a healthier you.

Happy New Year.

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