Slimming products….?

Recently I have had my inbox flooded with emails from a company promoting a slimming product. It begins with telling me that the world is designed for slim people and that being overweight could affect their life. We all know that being overweight can be harmful to our health, joints and well-being.

It then goes on to say I could lose weight everyday, using their product, without limiting my food. It claims to “burn my fat and lower my appetite”, there will be “no food restrictions and no exhausting workout”.

What happened to simple healthy eating and regular exercise? Ok, so you buy the pills and lose weight, what happens when you stop taking the pills or are you going to stay on them forever?

I know we are all different and our bodies and minds work differently but surely its better in the long run if we can educate ourselves to watch what we eat. You don’t have to go without your favourite food forever, just don’t eat large amounts of it everyday.

If you are concerned about your weight or any other health issue contact your GP.

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