Slow and Steady wins the race.

Well, it wasn’t really a race and with legs as little as mine I’m never likely to win one!

I’m talking about my training at the gym today. It’s that time of the month and I feel like a tightly wound up coil ready to unwind at a scary speed. Can you relate to that? Anyway, the treadmill was the chosen machine for which I would thrash out my tension, it was that or the very attractive KitKat chunky smiling at me from within the vending machine in the reception.
My chosen playlist pumping through my headphones I started the machine, I usually run at 8.0 but today I felt the need to push myself.
Every 5 minutes I increased the speed by 0.2, by the end of my 30 minute run I was running at 9.0 and let me tell you it felt great!!
I increased it slowly to allow my muscles to warm up and for my body to gradually speed up, had I increased too quickly or started at 9.0 not only would I have increased my risk of injury but my legs would have been spinning like the cartoon character Roadrunner and thrown me off the back of the treadmill, no one wants to be remembered as the sweaty lump laying upside down on the gym floor!!
So by starting off slowly and increasing my pace at a steady rate I achieved my goal.

Remember to check with your GP before commencing any new exercise programme. Stay within your maximum heart rate when exercising.

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