Swiss Ball

Before performing my circus tricks on the Swiss ball I warmed up on the rowing machine. This started off as a 10 minute warm up but I enjoyed it so much I carried on.

I set the rowing machine up for an interval workout, I started off gently but I could feel myself working harder and harder. Beads of sweat started to appear on my forehead as I imagined myself paired up with Olympic rower Katherine Grainger CBE. I was just about to throw my arms in the air to celebrate breaking the world record and receiving a gold medal when I remembered I was on a machine in my local gym.

Cardio session completed I made my way to the mirrored section of the gym to watch myself balance on a Swiss ball.

I have listed these exercises on my Exercise page.

Remember, if you are pregnant, suffer from lower back pain or are unsure if these exercises are suitable for you, please check with your GP prior to commencing.


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