To wee or not to wee….that is the question.

After an amusing conversation with my friend Miranda at the weekend it made me wonder how other runners and cyclists cope with their bladders.  Do you regulate your fluid intake to eliminate the need to stop and squat?

It reminds me of one of my times at The Great North Run in Newcastle, after a few miles into the run those that hadn’t taken advantage of the facilities at the start area were now busting to go. Men were lined up like soldiers being inspected by their sergeant but instead of crisp uniforms it was Spiderman, Scooby Doo and a Pink Fairy! Alongside them was a very thoughtful Batman shielding Robin from curious eyes with his cape.

Do you have a funny story? Share it with us all and make that need to wee a less stressful event.


When you are out running would you use the great outdoors if you needed to wee?

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