Tough Guy Challenge

In 2010 I was looking for a challenge, I wanted to test my fitness and stamina. Someone suggested I entered The Tough Guy Challenge……so I did.

The organisers describe it as “The original and toughest test of its kind anywhere in the World. Run on the last Sunday in January, you will need every last ounce of mental and physical strength you can muster to rise to this challenge. Your fear of heights, tight spaces, fire, water and electricity will be tested to the max. Everyone bar the very toughest will be beaten!” .

And they weren’t joking!

How do you train for this kind of event? I kept my fitness level up, I worked on my upper body strength in the gym knowing I would have to pull myself over logs and out of ditches. I extended my sunday runs in preparation for the time I would be on my feet (or belly/bottom).

The day arrived and I was more nervous than on the mornings of my Marathon days, this was probably due to the fact that most of the course was iced over due to the horrendous weather we had experienced. The start was delayed so the organisers could break the ice and while we huddled around the start line the snow continued to fall.

Sheer determination kept me going, I wanted to finish it. The support from the other participants/nutters was incredible. I don’t ever remember rolling around the mud fully clothed as a child but there I was a grown woman covered head to toe in mud, it was great!

For anyone that is interested in entering this event or just to look at the photos of previous events visit


This is an extremely tough event, if you are in any doubt about your health or fitness check with your GP




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