World Cup 2014

And so it continues…..The World Cup. Some of you may love it and some may not.

Men will meet at the pub or chill the beers and invite their friends round to watch it on their 74″ hd, 1080p, led, lcd, 3d, smart technology tv or something??. Football shirts representing their country will be proudly worn.

The roads will be clear of traffic while the match is being aired and the shops deserted.

Work places will send round a sweepstake, groans of pleasure and disappointment will be heard as the name on the paper is read out.

Flags will flutter in the wind from bedroom windows…. until they are knocked out of the tournament.

Don’t just sit and watch it, organise a match with friends and family. It’s a great opportunity for us all to be more active and increase our fitness.

Image 1

If you are in any doubt about your health or fitness check with your GP prior to commencing exercising. 

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